Defense Holdings, Inc. Announces an Exclusive Distributor Agreement with Hartzell Propeller, Inc. for Use of DHi’s AfterGlo® Brand Photoluminescent Aviation Safety Paint

Defense Holdings, Inc.®, (DHi®) has concluded a distributorship agreement with Hartzell Propeller Inc. of Piqua, OH for use of DHi’s AfterGlo® Brand Photoluminescent Aviation Safety Paint on Hartzell’s line of aircraft propellers. AfterGlo® paint is used for safety markings to improve the visibility of aircraft propellers in low-light situations. Sherwin-Williams

Under the agreement, Hartzell becomes the exclusive world-wide distributor for application of AfterGlo® Brand Photoluminescent (PL) Safety Paint on constant-speed aircraft propellers installed on engines from 150 shp up to 1800 shp. Hartzell will offer DHi’s AfterGlo® PL Safety Paint as an option on new Hartzell propellers from its factory. In addition Hartzell will obtain certification for use of Hartzell Propeller Inc. part number A-6741-233-1 PL Paint Kit on existing Hartzell propellers through its network of propeller repair stations and military maintenance depots.

For non-Hartzell products, DHi will continue to offer direct sales of AfterGlo® Brand PL Safety Paint for use on fixed propellers, constant-speed aircraft propeller installed on engines less than 150 shp or more than 1800 shp, and on propellers used for non-aircraft applications (e.g. hovercraft, rotorcraft, etc.).

Further, DHi will continue to provide its AfterGlo® Brand PL Safety Paint kits purchased using DHi’s part numbers, U.S. Government assigned National Stock Numbers, and through direct sales to the General Services Administration (GSA) or any other Governmental agency or activity. The agreement with Hartzell does not serve to interfere in any way with Company’s pre-existing Distributor Agreement with Alliance Coatings, Inc., or with the sale of AfterGlo® Brand PL Safety Paint through GSA Schedules.