Donaldson Filter Indicators

Donaldson Aerospace & Defense, a division of Donaldson Company, a manufacturer of filtration systems and parts, launches two new filter indicators.

The first is the Donaldson Intelligent Filter Indicator (IFI),  a filter element health-monitoring system. It monitors and reports real-time data on the service condition of elements in the hydraulic filter manifolds, allowing operators to change filter elements based on performance versus time. This device provides electronic signals based on measurements of differential pressure and temperature to an on-board aircraft data acquisition computer. It is a rugged, fully potted unit compatible with many system fluids. Combined with a Donaldson element specific service algorithm, it allows the operator to monitor the percent of life remaining before filter element replacement.

The second is the Electrical Differential Pressure Indicator and Bypass Valve. It combines two components into a self-contained cartridge to save space and reduce weight and cost within a manifold. The indicator is designed to provide an electrical warning signal of impending bypass. The actual bypass opening occurs at a higher differential pressure set point. The indicator will automatically reset after the valve closes.