Duncan Aviation Publishes ADS-B Straight Talk Book

Duncan Aviation has digitally published a new booklet in its Straight Talk series, Straight Talk About ADS-B. Available online at www.DuncanAviation.aero/straighttalk, the book provides insight regarding the upcoming Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) mandate, which allows an aircraft to transmit information to Air Traffic Control ground stations and to other properly equipped aircraft.

“The retrofit of business aircraft with ADS-B compatible equipment will be a significant event, as it will affect every aircraft in U.S. airspace to a certain degree,” says Matt Nelson, Manager of Duncan Aviation’s Satellite Operations. “There are still a number of questions with murky answers. However, we wanted to arm our customers with the information they need to make informed decisions as quickly as possible. This free digital publication, compiled and written by Duncan Aviation’s avionics experts, allows us to do that.”

The book discusses topics such as the Federal Aviation Administration’s NextGen Initiative, the history of ADS-B, the difference between ADS-B Out and ADS-B In, how ADS-B works, what equipment will be required for ADS-B and the upcoming ADS-B Out mandate.

“Much of this information is still changing as avionics manufacturers work to develop ADS-B solutions,” Nelson continued. “As information is updated and becomes available, we will update our Straight Talk book online to provide the most accurate and current information possible.”

The entire Straight Talk lineup can be found on Duncan Aviation’s website at http://www.DuncanAviation.aero/straighttalk