Dynamic TDR Fault Finding and Cable Troubleshooting Field Test Equipment

LiveWire™ announces the launch of the new SparkChaser™ Fault Finding and Cable troubleshooting field test equipment. The SparkChaser is available for immediate shipment.

“The LiveWire SparkChaser is the first portable TDR fault finding and locating tester that is capable of identifying and pinpointing the location of wiring faults, including intermittent arc faults, on live or unpowered electrical systems in all types of aircraft, both fixed wing and helicopters,” explains Ron Vogel, LiveWire Innovation CEO. “The SparkChaser has been successfully tested on commercial aircraft, such as 747, 777, and 737 types. In addition, it has performed successfully on every tester helicopter configuration that is has been used on. It has found fault locations in both aircraft cabin wiring as well as on engine systems, such as Bleed Air sensor assemblies. It has the potential to save aerospace repair facilities millions of dollars in down time, as well as eliminate frustration, by finding events on cable that only occur during field use and when the electric systems are actually carrying voltage and current. It is a fabulous diagnostic and discovery tool for any repair facility connected with the aerospace industry.”

The SparkChaser portable wire tester’s revolutionary SSTDR technology provides technicians a unique advantage in quickly locating and repairing damaged wiring, including hard-to-duplicate intermittent failures. The type of fault, distance to fault, fault amplitude, and time of occurrence is displayed and recorded. Test results can also be downloaded for diagnostic purposes and trend analysis.

 Additional product features include:

• Simple easy-to-use touch screen interface for electrical fault analysis

• Detection and location of wiring faults on live and de-energized systems

• Location of hard faults, for both open and short circuit conditions

• Detection and location of intermittent faults

• Allows testing of wires up to three miles (five kilometers)

• Results are recorded and can be downloaded for trend analysis

• Rugged design for use in industrial applications

• Measurement Method: Spread Spectrum Time Domain

Reflectometry (SSTDR)

• Maximum Input Ratings for Powered Cables: 300V CAT II Rated

• Power: Built-in Rechargeable Battery & 120/240V Power Adapter

• Dimensions: 14.2in.x 11.4in. x 6.5in. (36 x 29 x 16.5 cm) – 13 lbs. (5.9 kg)

• Supplied Cable Connectors: Banana jack connections with alligator clips

• Distance-to-Fault Accuracy: ±1 percent with known VOP and consistent cable parameters

For more information visit www.livewireinnovation.com.