EADS and Eurocopter to consolidate some activities at Dugny

EADS and its subsidiary Eurocopter Group have officially received the backing of the French authorities for their joint project to transfer some activities from Eurocopter’s La Courneuve plant, together with a part of EADS’ Suresnes-based research and development activities, to the city of Dugny. The two groups will lead the way for the future Greater Paris Aeronautics Center of Excellence.

Following lengthy discussions between local officials and state authorities, the decision-makers in the region have stood firmly behind the project to bring together the major players in the aeronautics industry just north of Paris. Even if detailed agreements with the French authorities still need to be signed, Eurocopter has given the green light to transfer its activities from the current La Courneuve site to the former navy airbase in Dugny, near the flight lines of the Le Bourget Airport. EADS has also confirmed its intention to install a portion of its Innovation Works department at the site within the next three years.

Scheduled for completion by 2014, the new Eurocopter plant in Dugny will enable the helicopter manufacturer to modernize its blade production tool and to work closer with the blade balancing activities already located in Le Bourget.

Eurocopter plans to make major investments as part of the transfer in order to increase its competitiveness and to further develop its objective to expand its activities in areas such as support and maintenance services.