Eurocopter Inaugurates Extension of its Aviation Training Academy in Kassel

Eurocopter inaugurated a new building complex at its Aviation Training Academy on September 21 in the Marbachhöhe Technology Park near Kassel, Germany as part of its 40th anniversary celebration.

The expansion of the facilities for practical aviation training and for training units of the German armed forces also offers room for a segment of an Airbus A310 airframe, an EC135, three BO105s and several aircraft parts.

The academy can currently provide training to up to 350 trainees at one time. “The aim is to strengthen this capacity in the coming years with the new building and offer additional attractive courses for the German armed forces and civil aviation customers,” explains Detlef Ehrig, head of the Training Academy, Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH. “In connection with the expansion project, additional training areas have been created on site and in future it will be possible to provide instruction in aviation technology with a stronger trainee- and problem-oriented approach.”

Eurocopter will include the basic training of technical and flying personnel as a permanent component in the range of services it offers. Up to now Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH has mainly concentrated on the local market for its customer base, both in the airplane as well as in the helicopter sector, but from now efforts to strengthen the international dimension of its training activities will be stepped up. Initial talks about possible partnerships are already being conducted in the existing international network with China, Malaysia and the Middle East.

Companies in the aviation industry along with their maintenance operations, in addition to airlines, military agencies, government institutions, federal and state police forces and a very wide range of small and medium-size companies, all draw on the broad spectrum of training covered by the academy’s specialist portfolio. Training ranges from training aircraft mechanics and electronic technicians for aviation systems to training for the industrial foreman qualification in aviation technology. Special attention is given to the integration of EASA-certified training, such as the Certifying Staff CAT A or CAT B1 (EASA job titles).