Exhaust Repair

Advantage Aviation Technologies, Inc. (AAT) has developed a repair for the EC135/EC145/BK117 exhaust. Recent inspections of this exhaust have found the insulation heat shield blankets to be deteriorated, disintegrated and burned due to the extreme heat. Due to the high vibration environment this part will develop cracks, dents and chafing during normal service.

There were previously no replacement blankets available, only new stacks. AAT developed a repair that utilizes a new blanket of a higher quality material that can resist high temperature and vibration better than the existing blankets and is readily available. Now there is no need to purchase a replacement exhaust. This is only one of many repairs that AAT has developed. AAT is also a certified American Eurocopter component repair and overhaul facility and a manufacturer of new parts for AEC.

For more information visit www.aatinc.net.