Fairfax County PD Selects Becker Avionics DVCS6100

Becker Avionics’ DVCS6100 Digital Audio System was recently selected by the Fairfax County Police Helicopter Division for integration into their new Bell 429 helicopter. The new aircraft is currently undergoing completion at Paradigm Aerospace Corporation (PAC) in Mt. Pleasant, PA. The DVCS6100 was chosen by Fairfax County PD due to its ability to manage and control all audio sources in the helicopter, including the array of tactical frequencies required by their mission. The DVCS6100 manages all transceivers, receivers and audio warning sources in one central system and provides simulcast capabilities on 8 channels. Becker’s Digital multichannel audio and intercom system, with its software configurable profiles, provides the flexibility to specifically customize the system to meet the demanding multi-role operational requirements of Fairfax County PD.