FOD Free Turbine Oil Can Opener and Dust Cap

SkyGeek stocks TheCanKey products — a turbine oil can opener and a dust cap that keep oil cans free of foreign object damage (FOD).

TheCanKey opener is made of reinforced durable plastic and is designed to safely open a one-quart can of oil. This opener has been tested and approved by Saybolt Laboratories, a company that offers testing and inspection services with Petroleum and Petrochemical sectors as their specialty. It promises to not leave any fragments of the opener or the can in the oil. The ergonomic design and non-slip surface make it comfortable and easy to use. 

TheCanKey dust cap protects oil cans from floating dust and dirt that would normally settle in the oil. The dust cap can be removed and reused easily, and also fits well over new oil cans to keep them clean until use. 

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