Grant Sumpter Joins Max-Viz Sales Team

Portland, OR - Max-Viz announces the addition of Grant Sumpter to its sales team. 

Sumpter, who has been in corporate aviation for more than 15 years, has 16 years of avionics experience including complex avionics installations, engineering, regulatory compliance and sales. He began his avionics career at a third-party MRO working on commercial aircraft. For the past five years, Sumpter has worked as avionics sales manager/product specialist working on major retrofits such as enhanced vision systems (EVS), cockpit and cabin upgrades, broadband, and SATCOM systems.  

Sumpter holds a FAA airframe license as well as many avionics training certificates from various avionics OEMs. He is a graduate of Colorado AeroTech and received a certificate for advanced electronics.

“The addition of Grant Sumpter to the Max-Viz family will further expand our sales into the MRO and fixed wing after-market segment," says Max-Viz president  Elliott Troutman. "We have worked closely with Sumpter over five years, and know that his experience and technical skills are ideally suited to working with both end-user customers and major completion centers to bring the safety of EVS into an extremely important market segment within the aviation industry."

"It is a tremendous opportunity to begin work as an integral part of a company I have dealt with for the last five years," says Sumpter. "Having believed in EVS strongly as an avionics manager and avionics specialist, I am confident that I can carry that experience over into more focused EVS sales activities."  

Max-Viz designs small EVS for aircraft. The systems use infrared sensors, signal processing, and a cockpit display to show terrain, runways, taxiways, aircraft and other obstacles through poor visibility conditions. For more information, visit