JDA and Western Avionics Introduce VRCOM Operational Control Solution

JDA Aviation Technology Solutions (JDA) and Western Avionics today announced a partnership to provide VRCom, a revolutionary way to communicate and control aircraft using VOIP technology from a base located anywhere in the world.

VRCom was developed by Western Avionics to provide the most flexible and capable remote communications system available and will provide EMS, law enforcement, airborne fire fighters, agriculture survey and other operators the capability to maintain constant operational control radio communications regardless of location.

VRCom, which provides a solution for complying with FAA’s Part 135.617 requirement, allows:

• Direct aircraft communications from anywhere in the world

• Remote channel tuning and standby monitoring

• Automatic voice messaging and archiving

• Automatic missed message notification

• Simultaneous remote operations from multiple sites

With VRCom, no aircraft or radio modification is required, there can be an unlimited number of base, mobile and fixed stations, and an archiving option allows users to retain copies of all communications.

VRCom base stations can be placed anywhere there is power and a network connection. Each station can simultaneously support multiple remotely connected users and each remote user can simultaneously connect to multiple VRComs. The system is the most cost effective and easiest way to implement operational control for a fleet.

To learn more about VRCom contact Bill Norwood, JDA VP Products and Technology at 301-941-1460 (ext 170) or 540-825-6663, or via email to wnorwood@jdasolutions.aero.