JETNET Releases New Aviation-Based Contact Management System

JETNET LLC has expanded its suite of aircraft market intelligence products with the release of a new aviation-specific web-based contact management system, JETNET Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for JETNET Evolution customers. The new CRM, which requires an Evolution subscription, gives users access to JETNET’s entire database of aviation contacts and aircraft, and allows users to add their own contact records, notes, action items and other CRM data. The product is maintained and hosted by Aero Web Tech, an independent database software firm, to provide physical and contractual separation between individual clients’ databases.

Vincent Esposito, President of JETNET, says the new product opens enormous opportunities for anyone who needs to manage clients in the aircraft industry, including dealers and brokers, FBOs, and other aviation product or service providers. “JETNET CRM gives your business instant access to our entire worldwide database of owners and operators,” says Esposito. “The beauty is, you can add your own database to ours, and only you will have access to all of that combined information. It’s the best of both worlds.”

Since each subscriber’s CRM will be hosted separately, there is no risk of competitors having access to proprietary information. “It’s as if you have your own completely new database and CRM application, on your own server, that combines all of your own contact information with all of JETNET’s,” says Rick Wanner, President of Aero Web Tech. “We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure the integrity of every user’s information.” The JETNET data within the CRM is updated seamlessly several times per day, and users can add information to this combined database at any time, as well as change the JETNET provided data to create their own records, if they have more complete or recent information. This combined data is only seen by the individual subscriber’s employees.

“We give users maximum utility,” says Paul Cardarelli, JETNET Director of Sales and Marketing, “and something they’ll notice right away—this application is very fast. Our clients like speed.” Since the CRM is web-based, it works equally well on both PC and Mac platforms. Clients can even work with Aero Web Tech to build their own CRM applications, interfaces and options, and control employee access to available information within their organization. For example, a dealer can add notes to a past aircraft transaction record, and any other employee in his organization will see those notes if they access the same record. “Flexible features and customization options make this an extremely powerful new tool for aviation professionals,” adds Cardarelli. “We’ve provided a beta release to our existing clients, and we’re already adding to or changing our feature sets based on their feedback. This will be an end-to-end, client-centered sales application. There is no other aviation-specific tool like this in the world.”

Evolution aircraft, fleet and market data can be accessed from within the JETNET CRM. For a nominal fee, JETNET will even import subscribers’ data into the application, and users can customize folders, interface parameters and displayed data to streamline their operations. If an individual subscriber only deals in certain classes of aircraft, for instance, they can choose to have only those aircraft displayed in their CRM. They can also add copies of aircraft and transactions of their own, including asking, take and sold prices; personalize time zones and window views; and much more. There is a convenient “side-by-side” comparison tool to view your client data against JETNET’s. Since the application is webbased, information can be shared with staff regardless of their location or computer platform. Some data can be exported to Microsoft Outlook or Excel for reporting or activity tracking.