LAH Named First RR300 Service Center in U.S.

In December 2010, Los Angeles Helicopters (LAH) was awarded one of only eleven Rolls-Royce RR300 Service Centers worldwide. After completing a thorough application process which included a background check, site visit, and interview with the Rolls-Royce Regional Manager and a local Rolls-Royce representative, LAH has been awarded the first repair station in the United States.

Rolls-Royce requires their repair centers to be an approved Part 145 Repair Station, have the most-up-to-date tools and inventory on hand, as well as a “clean room” for all engine repairs. Most importantly, Rolls-Royce requires any maintenance engineer who works on the RR300 engine to have attended a week long training course at their Indianapolis, Indiana facility.

LAH is a FAA approved Part 145 Repair Station, Robinson Service Center, and has been a Robinson Dealer for the last five years. LAH provides maintenance repair to private owners, law enforcement agencies, as well as other local flight schools.