Maintenance Alert

In the August 2010 edition of FAA Advisory Circular AC 43-16A, Aviation Maintenance Alerts, the following information was published regarding an area on the fuel tank skin that could be prone to chafing in Schweizer 269C helicopters:

Schweizer: 269C; Chafed Fuel Tank; ATA 2810

A technician states, “During a 200-hour inspection, wear marks were found on the bottom of the fuel tank. (These chafe areas were ...) caused by the pin (P/N MS20392-2C47) used on the strap assembly (P/N 269A8329-23). A detailed inspection found the wear (occurred) because of insufficient pad material installed on the strap, allowing contact between the pin and the fuel tank skin. Wear depth at one point was enough to require replacement of the tank. Inspection of a (second aircraft) found the beginning of similar wear marks.”(Note the total part time: 194.0 hours!)