Micro-Tig Torches

To help provide precision TIG welding performance on thin materials and limited-access joints, Weldcraft offers its WP-50 and WP-125 Micro-Tig torches. Both TIG torches feature lightweight, short torch bodies that allow pen-like control on even the most complex applications, including those in aircraft and aerospace industries, artistic metalworking and welding application using extremely thin base metals. 

The WP-50 air-cooled TIG torch provides 50 aDC (40 AC) of welding capacity at 60-percent duty cycle. Its miniature 80-degree torch head is only 5/8-inch long and 3/8-inch in diameter, allowing it to be maneuvered in even in the tightest of spaces. Plus, the entire torch is only 8 1/2 inches long and 3/4-inch in diameter at its widest point. This torch is also available in a valved version (WP-50v) for use with power sources that lack a gas solenoid.

Similarly, the WP-125 water-cooled TIG torch is available in three models. The WP-125S features a two-inch torch body, while the WP-125M torch body is 3.5 inches long. The largest of the models, the WP-125L features a five-inch torch body. All are capable of welding 125 aDC (90 aAC) at 60-percent duty cycle and provide excellent water-cooling capacity. The TIG torches also feature a low profile nozzle and optional 45-, 90- and 180-degree heads that fit in openings as small as 5/8-inch diameter. These torches accommodate electrodes ranging from 0.040- to 3/32-inch diameters and their replaceable silicon rubber insulator and head components have designed been to lower maintenance costs. Like the WP-50 TIG torches, the WP-125 models are designed for welding on thin materials and limited-access joints. 

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