Mid-Height-Landing Gear

DART announces Transport Canada, FAA, EASA and Brazilian ANAC approval of its mid-height crosstubes for the Bell 206L model of aircraft.

The mid-height crosstubes lowered height and absence of the full-length step allows medics to unload and load patients safely and easily. Mid-height crosstubes may be installed as part of a fully-approved. The lighter-weight skidtubes and absence of full length steps mean a 27-pound weight savings compared to traditional high landing gear.

DART mid-height landing gear includes lower crosstubes that have been designed for compatibility with both DART Round-I-Beam and OEM skidtubes and are installed easily using a thru-bolt system. DART crosstubes utilize clamp-on stainless-steel supports to avoid rivet holes in high stress regions of the crosstube.

DART also now offers short, lightweight steps options for installation with the mid-height crosstubes.