Night Flight Concepts Streamlines NVG Repair

At the Airborne Law Enforcement Association’s 41st Annual Conference and Exposition, Night Flight Concepts showcased its online NVG parts ordering tool and RMA procedures that help customers streamline maintenance and repair, reduce time and cost and operational downtime.

NFC Tools Improve NVG Maintenance

Government regulations explicitly state requirements for NVG equipment maintenance and personnel training to ensure continued airworthiness and safe operations. Night Flight Concepts is helping clients implement end-to-end NVG solutions that address these maintenance requirements more efficiently than ever before.

The administrative and resource burden required to maintain a compliant, conformant NVIS program can sometimes be quite onerous. Night Flight Concepts has addressed that burden by developing tools and processes that offer a more efficient way to maintain a safe, high caliber NVG program.

Reduce Repair Delays and Equipment Downtime

By using interactive 3D NVG models of virtual NVG equipment, the new Night Flight Concepts night vision imaging system (NVIS) parts order system enables faster, more-intuitive process for parts identification and ordering. Parts can be located in context, using 3D diagrams, line-drawing and equipment parts hierarchies, to ensure that the correct part is easily located and ordered the first time, every time. The result is an accelerated repair turn-around, reducing possible delays and downtime associated with administrative errors or rework.