Night Flight Concepts Unveils New Aviation Laser Defense Solutions

Washington, DC (October 27, 2011)Night Flight Concepts announced today at the “Laser Illumination of Aircraft Conference, a Growing Threat” a new suite of products, Laser ArmorTM. These new optical systems for laser defense offer equipment and training options to help aviation organizations defend against laser attacks. Laser Armor™ aids in the planning and implementation of a coordinated response that protects personnel and equipment from voluntary and involuntary laser strikes, while at the same time extending operational capabilities and readiness in night operations.

 “Our company is pleased to support this strategic conference that is raising awareness of the growing problem of inappropriate use of lasers illegally targeting aircraft,” said Night Flight Concepts President, Adam Aldous. “Our approach is to support a multi-faceted response to the issue that includes national flight legislation and the adoption of preventative measures by flight organizations to prevent potential illuminations or minimize cockpit disruption.”

Laser Armor™ – Helping Organizations Train, Protect & Perform.

Night Flight ConceptsLaser Armor is a new line of products designed to provide unique protective products to assist civil, government and industry aviation organizations worldwide. This is accomplished through increased laser strike readiness that helps prevent possible damage to personnel and equipment. The up-side is improved operational safety and performance. The solution suite delivers a complete platform of products and services for civil aviation laser defense that complement existing night operation for fixed and rotary-wing flight programs:

  • Laser ArmorAviator Glasses

Designed for use at night, Laser ArmorAviator Glassesoptimize protection from intentional or incidental laser strikes without compromising the wearer’s ability to perform on the job. Glasses absorb 99.5% of green laser and 97% of blue laser strike beams without compromising pilot visual acuity or cockpit display panel color recognition. Several stylish, ergonomic frame styles offer exceptional optics and laser defense as well as comfort to enhance user job performance.

  • Laser Armor LIF (light interference filter)

Designedfor use with leading Night Vision Goggles (NVGs),theLaser ArmorLIF protect image intensifier tubes from damage from intentional or incidental exposure to laser strike beams.  The Laser Armor LIF will absorb laser strike beams (absorbing 90-99.5% of the beam energy), to protect the image intensifier tube from laser spot damage.

  • Laser ArmorAviation Laser Defense Training

Bundled with Laser Armorglasses and LIF products, Laser Armor Aviation Laser Defense Training provides a flexible, self-paced e-learning opportunity to provide the necessary educational context on laser strikes, product capabilities, limitations and operation requirements to help improve user performance.The program addresses the need for education about laser strikes and covers mitigation techniques most effective in the public safety sector of aviation.

  • Laser Defense Program Consulting Services

For organizations looking for additional guidance on program planning and implementation, Night Flight Concepts also offers consulting servicesto assist with Laser Defense Program development.

Additional Free Support:

In addition to these new solutions, Night Flight Concepts continues to support their educational initiative  –– –– a website dedicated tohelping aviation organizations worldwide access laser strike education, training and resources. The site is a central resource for sharing industry best practices, regulations, news and solution options to facilitate laser defense program planning in civil aviation operations - both fixed-wing and rotary-wing.

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