Scott's - Bell 47, Inc. To Offer Improved Model 47 Seats & Interiors

Scott's - Bell 47, Inc. announces an agreement with Oregon Aero, Inc. to development an improved seat system and modern interior solutions for the model 47 fleet.

"We are very excited to be confirming this relationship with Oregon Aero to develop improved seats & interiors for the 47." states Scott Churchill, president/owner of Scott's - Bell 47. "Oregon Aero's seats are renowned across the industry for being one of the most comfortable helicopter seats. These seats will offer improved safety as well as reducing pilot fatigue."

"Introduction of the Oregon Aero's VK SmartcushionT Seats into the model 47 fleet is another exciting development for Scott's - Bell 47." states Neil Marshall, general manager of Scott's - Bell 47. "As the new OEM for the model 47 helicopter, we will soon be able to offer safer and more comfortable seats that mitigate vibration for the 47 operators plus modern, customizable interiors. This product development lends itself perfectly to our plans for a refurbishment program and of course for the potential new-build model 47."