Sikorsky Teams with L-M on Presidential Helo

Sikorsky is working with Lockheed Martin on a proposed military version of the S-92 for transportation of the president of the United States. Six years after entering service, the S-92 medium-lift helicopter fleet has logged more than 250,000 flight hours with 117 flying, 75 of which are operated by eight offshore oil and gas flight service providers. Oil and gas operations account for about 90 percent of the 250,000 hours flown, and the fleet is achieving 94 percent mission availability.

During the first six months of this year, the S-92 flew 50,000 hours. Bristow Norway operates the highest time S92, which entered service in February 2005 and has now flown more than 9,000 hours. The operator’s nine S-92s average 124.5 flight hours per month. The 19-passenger hauler can fly 476 nm and features a rear ramp for easy passenger and cargo loading, night vision goggle-compatible avionics displays and a crashworthy fuel system separate from the passenger compartment.