Simplex Acquires Heli-Ap Aviation Granular Spreader

Simplex Manufacturing Co. of Portland Oregon have acquired the granular spreader product line from Heli-Ap. Simplex will build the full line of spreaders at their Portland, Oregon headquarters.

The new Simplex GS250 30 cubic ft. spreader weighs in at an industry low 90 lbs while the Simplex GS400 55cubic ft. spreader weighs approximately 135lbs, making both products the lightest spreaders available. Both new Simplex spreaders can be re-started in flight in the case of engine stoppage. The new Simplex spreaders also feature the ability for the top portion of the tank to slide up, increasing tank volume by up to 30%. This allows the operator to carry lighter volume materials without compromising safety by overloading denser materials. The new spreader’s design allows for any helicopter with a conventional three-prong cargo hook wiring harness to use the system with all of the functionality and available features, without the need to install additional wiring to the aircraft.