SkinWear combines a long-lasting hand cleanser, sanitizer and moisturizer into one package. One application blocks dirt, grease, grime, paint and more for up to eight hours. The non-toxic chemical weave formed after one application is made up of layers of highly-effective cleansing and repelling agents that eliminate the need for soap if applied before doing tasks that can soil or stain the skin. 

SkinWear traps the dirt above the surface of the skin, allowing for removal of grease, oil, paint, glue, varnish and other contaminants easily with a damp sponge or a single water rinse. No harmful, skin-damaging cleansing agents are necessary.

SkinWear also provides antimicrobial hand sanitizing and moisturizing protection for up to eight hours. It contains a bonding agent that keeps in your skin’s natural, moisturizing oils without the messy, greasy effects of typical soaps or lotions. Combine that with its germ-killing and soil-blocking power, and users can now go about their day without continually washing their hands with abrasive soaps or constantly re-applying 10-second hand sanitizers. Product can be purchased in tubes or bottles for individual use or as dispensing units for the shop floor.

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