SkyTrac Systems Announces Complete Fleet Awareness Solution

SkyTrac Systems announces a combined integration with EuroAvionics and the Rescue Track monitoring and dispatch software produced by Convexis GmbH of Germany. This management solution is being used by German air rescue DRF Luftrettung, in its fleet of approximately 50 helicopters that operate in Europe, and has most recently been implemented for the Polish Medical Air Rescue (SP ZOZ Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe).

The SkyTrac ISAT system is installed on the aircraft in conjunction with the EuroAvionics EuroNav Situational Awareness system. The EuroNav system is integrated with the onboard radar altimeter and the ISAT, which then sends GPS position data via the Iridium satellite network to be viewed in the Rescue Track software. The dispatch centers monitor the real-time position and mission status of the aircraft on a secure website. Dispatchers can see where the helicopters are located at all times and are able to plan missions accordingly. This helps to ensure faster medical care for the population, even in remote regions.

As part of the Polish Medical Air Rescue’s safety program, their EC135 P2+ helicopters also automatically increase the position reporting interval at a predefined altitude (AGL). As a result, critical phases of flight such as takeoff and landing can be more effectively monitored by company dispatchers.