Soloy Expands Dealership of Aerospace Filtration Systems (AFS) Products

Soloy Aviation Solutions (Soloy) and Aerospace Filtration Systems, Inc. (now branded as Donaldson), have agreed to expand Soloy Aviation Solutions distributor agreement to include Donaldson Inlet Barrier Filter (IBF) products. This product line distributor expansion allows Soloy to offer inlet barrier filters to operators of aircraft currently approved with Donaldson IBF products. “Now Soloy can offer its support for sales and installations for Donaldson IBF products to operators around the globe” says Nick Parkinson, Soloy’s director of helicopter sales and new business.  “The proven benefits of enhanced performance, maintenance cost reduction and reduced overhaul cost are becoming well-known in the industry as more and more operators realize the actual savings from the Donaldson IBF filtration system.”