Strom Aviation Launches New Division

Dallas, TX – Strom Aviation, a full-service aerospace staffing company based near Dallas, TX, has launched a new division in its organization, Strom Direct Aviation Staffing. Strom Direct is an independent provider of candidates for placement in permanent positions for Strom Aviation’s clients and with a particular emphasis on the corporate aviation and helicopter industries. Its primary focus will be on executive search, crew placements, and direct placements for aerospace positions. The service offerings will be complemented by a payroll and insurance service for crew and operations personnel.

Strom Direct is a division of Strom Aviation, Inc. which currently provides aircraft mechanics and technical and engineering contract staffing services to the aviation and aerospace communities. Strom Direct adds a business focus on direct placement and executive search services for all aviation sectors and aircraft crew staffing in corporate aviation. A new service Strom Direct also brings to clients is a payroll solution for aviation crew and operations personnel that includes an in-house payroll and compliance service, plus a full set of insurance options including workman’s compensation, aviation liability, and benefits.

“Strom Direct represents a great opportunity for the Strom Aviation Group to round out our experienced aviation staffing services and expand our unique offerings into a market-leading brand that we can all be proud of,” says Dan Wrolson, president of Strom Aviation. “We are excited for the new opportunities Strom Direct brings to our organization and to work with a broader spectrum of aviation companies including the corporate aviation and helicopter communities to deliver quality candidates for their full-time positions and payroll needs.”

Strom Direct is led by Raymond Stebler as director of operations. Stebler has over 13 years of experience in the corporate aviation and aviation staffing industries, and he holds an MBA from the Stern School of Business at New York University. Joining him in Strom Direct is Boon Richards as director of permanent placements, who has nine years of experience in the aviation staffing industry.

“The aviation industry is on the rebound, and hiring will become a critical issue in 2012. It actually could become very difficult for businesses to fill key positions, and aviation companies often don’t have the time, resources, or experience to deal with the upcoming hiring needs they are facing,” said Stebler. “That’s where Strom Direct comes in. We work with clients to determine their needs, and then we go out and find the best experienced, qualified, and skilled professional candidates for these positions.”

Strom Direct will be exhibiting at the upcoming NBAA 23rd Annual Schedulers and Dispatchers Conference in San Diego, CA, January 15-18, 2012, in booth #495. They will also be exhibiting at the Helicopter Association International 2012 Heli-Expo in Dallas, TX, February 12-14 in booth #8447.