Tiger Tugs Launches New Concept in Helicopter Transporters

Tiger TugTiger Tugs announces the introduction of their new model 5.5 helicopter transporter.  The new Tiger Tug makes moving helicopters safer and easier.  With a unique wireless remote control system you can maneuver your helicopter in tight hangar spaces effortlessly while controlling it from any vantage point.  No longer do you need to have an extra person to watch for hangar incursions. 

This is the first true scissor lift transport on the market.  When the tug is positioned under the cross tubes they move vertically straight up and nest right into the tubes.  They do not translate horizontally while rising so there is no more guessing where the saddles will end up as they move up into position.  Tiger Tug is the only helicopter tug that comes standard with the Heli-Saddle™ system.  These polyurethane supports provide the safest non marring system on the market to protect your valuable investment.  For more information call 541 585 4041 or www.tigertugs.com.