Tuned Exhaust STC for R22

Power Flow Systems announces that the FAA has awarded an STC to the company for the installation of its Tuned Exhaust System for the Robinson R22 and R22 Alpha, Beta and Mariner helicopters. Developed in partnership with Performance Aviation in New Zealand, the system allows the older R22, with the Lycoming O-320 to perform like the newer Beta II helicopter equipped with the O-360 engine.

Power Flow’s high performance “Beta II in a Box” Tuned Exhaust System allows the R22 to cruise up to six knots faster at maximum continuous power. It can maintain previous cruise speeds with 2 to 3 inches lower manifold pressure and will burn up to 15 percent less fuel at those settings. The Power Flow equipped Robinson also enjoys a 200-300 feet per minute increase in rate of climb compared to the ship with a standard exhaust.

Complete kits for the R22 include a new exhaust system with ceramic coated tailpipe, new cabin and carburetor heat shroud and a replacement manifold pressure gage marked to Beta II limits. Kits also include a 60-day money back guarantee plus a 2 year/500 hour warranty (whichever comes first).

For more information call (386) 253-8833 or visit www.pfsr22.com.