Turbomeca Validates AKV Arriel 1 Cycle Counters

AKV Inc. in conjunction with Turbomeca (Safran group) announces that Turbomeca has validated the AKV Arriel 1 Engine Cycle Counter as an acceptable cycle counting aid system for their Arriel 1B, 1D, 1D1 engines installed in the Eurocopter AS350 and 1E1/-2 engines installed in the Eurocopter BK117C1 and C2 (EC145). The newly developed and validated “Linear Method” procedure now utilized by the AKV Cycle Counter is based on the published “Recommended” procedure but provides for a more precise and less conservative method of computing and accruing both Gas Producer (Ng) and Power Turbine (Np) cycles.

Turbomeca will reference and officialise the AKV Arriel 1 Cycle Counter as a cycling aid system in the Turbomeca documentation, through the distribution of the General Service Letter 2283/04.

In addition, for existing Cycle Counters in operation, customers wishing to utilize the new validation must contact AKV to obtain new software and validation documentation based on the unit serial number. Newly purchased systems will be manufactured with the validation software installed and validation data provided accordingly.