Vector Aerospace Receives Transport Canada Approval for Bell 205 Series Glass Cockpit

Vector Aerospace Helicopter Services-North America, a subsidiary of Vector Aerospace Corporation, was recently granted a Transport Canada Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for an Integrated Cockpit Display System (ICDS, or “glass cockpit installation”) for the Bell 205 series helicopter.

The STC applies to the following Bell Helicopter models:

Bell 205A, 205 A-1, 205A-1 (H1SW)

Bell 205B, 205B (H-104)

Bell 212 H-86 (Eagle Single Engine conversion)

Mark Jensen, manager of avionics for Vector Aerospace Helicopter Services-Langley notes the Visual Flight Rule (VFR)-certified Bell 205 ICDS solution is a completely integrated upgrade, replacing all legacy engine instruments, sensors and gyros with digital, solid-state equipment. The new, light-weight cockpit installation offers a more reliable and cost effective alternative that provides operators enhanced flight safety benefits through integration of the latest situational awareness tools, and the ability to adapt or upgrade the system to accommodate practically any mission requirement. The system also includes a variety of practical multi-function improvements, including listing moving map displays, enhanced vision (when linked to the optional camera installation) and exceedence monitoring functions.

Jensen says that the STC is currently applicable to Canadian Bell 205 operators; however, Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) is currently in process and that once Vector receives the authorization, the company will begin producing complete installation-ready kits to operators for self-installation.

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