Arista Aviation Installs Becker DVCS6100 on UH-60

Becker Avionics announces that Arista Aviation has installed the Becker Digital Voice Communication System (DVCS) 6100 Digital Audio System into one of its UH-60A demonstration medium lift helicopters.

"We selected the Becker Avionics DVCS for our digital communications needs in the cockpit and cabin. The proven reliability, reputation for excellent customer service and superb performance made Becker the easy and obvious choice," says Rich Enderle, president of Arista Aviation.

The multipurpose UH-60 medium lift helicopter is among the most capable and durable aircraft flying today in both military and commercial applications. Becker's DVCS, with well over 500,000 hours of flight time in U.S. Army aircraft, is the perfect fit. The Arista UH-60s are available for sale to commercial customers and are capable of performing a wide variety of air operations, including firefighting, VIP transport and utility work.

Arista Aviation is one of the pioneers in the business of surplus UH-60 helicopters and has played a pivotal role in the commercialization of the UH-60 platform. Arista is widely regarded as the subject matter expert in UH-60 acquisition, modification, maintenance and support worldwide. It has vast experience in multiple sectors of commercial aviation and has teams to support customer needs around the world.  

Becker Avionics delivered the first DVCS system to Arista. The DVCS provides many advantages over analogue systems with access to eight communication channels (expandable up to 16), eight navigation channels and remote capability for to up to six pilots/operators and up to 12 passengers. The crystal clear communications are well beyond that achievable with analogue systems. The system is fully programmable by the aircraft operators, allowing each DVCS system to be configured specifically to that unit's needs without any additional wiring, switches or other modifications. Adding or removing function to the system, new radios or any configuration change can be done simply through a provided computer program.