Bell Announces Delivery of Third HEMS Bell 429 to Air Zermatt

Bell Announces Delivery of Third HEMS Bell 429 to Air Zermatt

Bell Announces Delivery of Third HEMS Bell 429 to Air Zermatt

Bell Textron Inc., a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, announces the delivery of a third Bell 429 to Swiss-based helicopter rescue company, Air Zermatt, and its 75-person medical personnel and flight crew. Air Zermatt provides transport, tourist flights, and rescue operations in the Swiss Alps and surrounding communities.

Each year, Air Zermatt carries out around 2,000 rescue missions, the majority of which are with the Bell 429.

“Air Zermatt’s acquisition of a third Bell 429 not only highlights their devotion to providing life-saving search-and-rescue missions in a particularly demanding environment in the Swiss Alps, but also their trust in Bell in getting them through the missions quickly and safely,” says Jacinto Jose Monge, Europe managing director, Bell. “We are thrilled to continue our relationship with Air Zermatt as they expand their capabilities in the region.”

“Bell continues to advance our mission by supplying highly reliable and versatile aircraft for our fleet. The addition of a third Bell 429 will allow us to greatly extend our reach in providing search-and-rescue support to the Swiss Valais community,” says Gerold Biner, acting CEO at Air Zermatt until the end of 2023.

In addition to the delivery of its Bell 429, Air Zermatt has opted to add its entire Bell 429 fleet under Bell’s Customer Advantage Plan (CAP) that protects direct maintenance costs and aircraft value over time, keeping aircraft in service longer.

“With the challenging environment that we operate in, CAP has proven to be a vital tool in ensuring the longevity of our fleet, and also provides us with one-on-one technical support at a moment’s notice,” adds Biner.

The Bell 429 continues to be a sought-after model in Europe by those operating in HEMS and law enforcement segments. Designed for passenger mobility and healthcare emergency services, the Bell 429 has the most cabin space in the light twin helicopter market, with flat flooring and seven passenger seating. Combined with smooth flight characteristics and high reliability, the cabin can also comfortably fit two litter carriers, another significant benefit for HEMS operations.

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