Custom Heli-Utility-Baskets & Heli-Utility-Pods

DART Aerospace Ltd. offers custom-designed Heli-Utility-Baskets and Heli-Utility-Pods for airborne data collection. Available for: Agusta A119/AW119MKII, Bell 206A/B/L/L1/L3/L4 & 407, Bell 205/210/212/214/412, Eurocopter AS350/AS355, Eurocopter EC130.

DART’s custom modifications allow for specialty requirements such as surveying, GPS, aerial photography, LIDAR, mapping equipment, radiation detection, fire fighting or for additional equipment transport.

DART Heli-Utility-Baskets and Heli-Utility-Pods provide a fully-integrated solution that is customizable to specific equipment requirements. Heli-Utility-Baskets and Heli-Utility-Pods can be adapted for compatibility with most equipment with internally-mounted racking systems and mounting plates designed to customer specifications. Pods are fabricated from sturdy composite, are fully enclosed and are weather proof. Baskets are constructed from stainless steel and can be fitted with liners or covers to protect equipment. Cut outs in the base allow for direct line of sight. 

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