DART Aerospace Secures DGAC Approval in Mexico for Three Products

DART Aerospace Secures DGAC Approval for Three Products

DART Aerospace Secures DGAC Approval in Mexico for Three Products

DART Aerospace announces it has recently received approvals from the Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil (DGAC) for three supplemental-type-certified products, including the emergency float system for the Bell 505, as well as door modification kits, cargo mirror kits and pulse light kits for the Bell Medium series. The products are the first of their kind to be approved for use in the Mexican aviation market.

The Bell 505 Emergency Float System delivers added safety with industry-leading performance for overwater helicopter operations. The system is available as a factory-installed option or an aftermarket conversion and includes a kit with forward, mid and aft floats. DARTCARE and exchange programs are also available.

The DART Door Modification Kits cover a wide range of options for the Bell 204/205/212/214/412 series aircraft, including cabin door rollers, replacement door tracks, bearing overhaul, brackets for in-flight open-door operations, easy-to-use handles, supports to reduce in-flight vibrations, and automatic door openers.

The DART Dual Cargo Mirror Installation Kit mounts to the nose of the Bell 204/205/210/212/214/412/AB412/AB412EP series aircraft to provide better viewing for external load operations. Meanwhile, the LED Pulse Light Kit mounts to the frame of the Cargo Mirror Installation to provide forward conspicuity lighting. The installation increases both ease-of-use and safety of the aircraft.

“We are excited about expanding DART’s footprint in Mexico with the introduction of these three products,” says Jose Miguel Fernandez-Busto, regional sales manager for Latin America. “DART is proud to support the Bell fleet and will continue to grow its offering within Mexico over the years to come.”