FAA Approval Received for Boost Human External Cargo Systems’ Bell 212/412 Dual Hook HEC System

FAA Approval Received for Boost Human External Cargo Systems’ Bell 212/412 Dual Hook HEC System

FAA Approval Received for Boost Human External Cargo Systems’ Bell 212/412 Dual Hook HEC System

Boost Human External Cargo Systems (Boost Systems - www.boostsystems.ca), the provider of the most advanced, fully certified human external cargo (HEC) systems and training services for the search-and-rescue, public safety, utility, and defense sectors, receives Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval for its Bell 212, 412, 412CF, and 412EP series HEC systems (STC: SR04616NY).

Boost Systems’ Bell 212 and 412 HEC installations and personnel carrying device systems (PCDS) are compliant to FAR 29.865 (FAR 27.865 for its other helicopter HEC systems) and FAA AC133-1B HEC standards.

“With approximately 400 operationally versatile Bell 212 and 412 helicopters successfully conducting operations in arenas including national defense, law enforcement, Coast Guard applications, and various utility roles, we are excited to introduce this fully compliant dual hook HEC system to the U.S. HEC industry, while offering enhanced levels of support to operators via this new system, as well as in the provision of training and personnel carrying device systems (PCDS). We anticipate that the 212/412 will be successfully adopted among the industry’s leaders in 2021 due to its load capacity and inherent system and fleet flexibility over the competition,” says Dave McGrath, senior director of Business Development and Sales for Boost Systems.

Jeff Yarnold, vice president of Operations for Boost Systems, expands on this, saying, “Our goal of introducing the Bell 212 and Bell 412 HEC in the U.S. was strategically set to coincide with another key market offering: our new-to-market insulated PCDS, that includes our clear urethane longlines manufactured and tested to ASTM F1707-12, IEC 62192:2009 and Category 4 Arc Flash Resistance to 45 cal/cm²."

Yarnold explains that when used in combination with a proven workhorse helicopter like the Bell 212/412, Boost Systems offers a full-spectrum human external cargo option that offers Bell 212 and 412 operators the safest and most effective fully FAA-compliant system available. “Our HEC system offers improved safety and design, cost savings, and flexible and efficient use, particularly when employed across multiple aircraft in a fleet — all backed with our newest offering: our FAA-approved, insulated PCDS."

Boost Systems’ Bell 212/412 HEC system is recommended for use for CFR Part 133 external load missions, including SAR, law enforcement, and rescue HEC operations, as well as cargo transport, utility line work including powerline maintenance, and forestry operations.

Boost Systems offers HEC equipment for the AS350, AS355, H125, Bell 206L, Bell 212, Bell 407, Bell 412 and MD500 series helicopters. All systems are fully certified and compliant to FAR 27.865/29.865 and FAA AC133-1B HEC standards.