First Aviation Services Inc. Builds Powerful Network of Helicopter Component Repair Capability with Rotary Wing Group

First Aviation Services Inc. brands its four helicopter component repair subsidiaries into the strategically unified Rotary Wing Group. Composed of Aviation Blade Services, Inc. (Kissimmee, FL); Heliblade International, LLC (Anderson, CA); Piedmont Propulsion Systems, LLC (Winston-Salem, NC); and Associated Aircraft Manufacturing and Sales, Inc. (Ft. Lauderdale, FL), the Rotary Wing Group repairs and overhauls main and tail rotor blades, various dynamic components, landing gear, and shock struts for various Airbus, Bell, Boeing, Leonardo and Sikorsky helicopters. In particular, all four Rotary Wing Group companies support the Black Hawk market.

Aviation Blade Services (ABS) is a provider in Sikorsky UH-60/S-70 main- and tail-rotor maintenance, with industry-leading turnaround times under forty-five (45) days for depot-level repairs, including blade cuff changes. ABS also supports Sikorsky S-55, S-58, S-61/H-3, S-64/CH-54 and S-76 main and tail rotor blades. The company holds United States Department of Defense (“DOD”) source approvals for the repair of main and tail rotor blades for both the UH-60 and H-3.

Under First Aviation’s ownership, Heliblade has expanded from its specialty in Airbus, Bell and Leonardo rotor-blade repair to also serve Black Hawk and Boeing (CH-47D) customers located in the western United States and Canada.

Associated Aircraft Manufacturing and Sales, Inc. (AAMSI) holds DOD source approval for over one hundred 120 aircraft parts and components, including the UH-60 main shock strut. The company is currently in the second year of a five-year contract to overhaul shock struts for the U.S. Army.

Piedmont Propulsion Systems (PPS) holds DOD source approval for the repair of UH-60 main rotor hubs and recently won Army’s multi-year maintenance contract. PPS is also FAA-/EASA-certified to repair several other UH-60 dynamic components and acts as the Rotory Wing Group’s rotorhead center of excellence.

Together the companies boast over 150,000 square feet of repair, overhaul and manufacturing space.

Paul Bolton, First Aviation COO, says, “Rotary Wing Group is a strategic resource for our military, paramilitary and commercial customers. We have made a major commitment to this market, including expanding our engineering resources, on-demand exchange pool of Black Hawk rotor blades and dedicated modern facilities.”

First Aviation expects to make additional acquisitions in the helicopter component repair sector as well as continue re-investment into organic growth opportunities.

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