HAI Joins National Air Transportation Association, Transportation Safety Institute to Offer Safety Manager Certification Program

Helicopter Association International (HAI) announces a new partnership with the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) and the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Transportation Safety Institute (TSI) to provide safety management training to HAI members by enabling them to sign up for NATA’s Air Transport Safety Manager (ATSM) certification program.

The ATSM program provides HAI members with the fundamentals of designing, developing, implementing and sustaining an effective and verifiable aviation safety management system (SMS). Upon successful completion of the program, candidates will receive the SMS and Aviation Safety Program Manager certificate.

“Our goal is to provide quality, cutting-edge training required to enhance safety for aviation operators and the traveling public. This alliance provides an extraordinary opportunity to do just that,” says D Smith, TSI Aviation Safety Division manager.

“It takes skill and resources to operate rotorcraft and specialized equipment safely, efficiently and effectively,” says Chris Hill, director of Safety at HAI. “Partnering on this ATSM course will allow HAI members another opportunity to enhance their operations and lower their risk levels.”

“The leadership of NATA and HAI share a common belief: Safety must be global. Together, we are smarter, stronger and, ultimately, safer,” says NATA SVP of Safety and Education, Keith DeBerry. “NATA is proud to be a partner with HAI and TSI to bring this immersive safety program to the rotor community. This collaboration is a new opportunity to foster a culture of safety that spans across the general-aviation industry and the exchange of best practices and data — ensuring the safest possible airspace system for aviators, support professionals, and civilians across the globe.”