Helicopter Association International Board of Directors Seeks Special Advisor – UAS

The board of directors for Helicopter Association International (HAI) is seeking candidates to fill the role of special advisor – UAS for the term of Jul. 1, 2021, to Jun. 30, 2022. Applicants will be a rotorcraft professional with experience in unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) who is interested in giving back to the community.

The position will be responsible for informing and advising the HAI Board of Directors on all aspects of UAS aviation. The advisor will also serve as a resource to HAI management and the HAI Board of Directors on fundamentals, developments, trends and best practices for UAS operations.

This is a volunteer, nonvoting, advisor position. The anticipated time commitment is 15 to 20 hours per month. A detailed position description is available at https://www.rotor.org/Portals/0/Press%20Releases/HAI%20Board%20Special%20Advisor%20-%20UAS%20Position%20Description.pdf?ver=2021-05-12-073630-803.

Individuals interested in serving as the UAS special advisor should submit the following information at president@rotor.org by May 24, 2021:

  • A statement of interest
  • A brief (no more than two pages) biographical sketch of the candidate, to include:
    • education
    • experience
    • registrations/certifications
    • industry affiliations or involvement
    • any past participation in HAI activities, including positions/leadership.