Human Factors or Human Failure

When we discuss Human Factors in comparison to CRM, we distinguish one from the other as follows: “Human Factors is theoretical knowledge of psychology and CRM is the practical application of that knowledge”.  Thus, the concept of Human Factors, which is correctly characterized as a concept, is incorrectly characterized as the causative label conveniently hung on an incident / accident.   Because Human Failure is a tangible action and not an abstract term, Human Failure is the actual culprit, placing the blame where it belongs, with the human.

Human Factors is the idiom assigned to the compilation of social and personal skills.  Skills such as communication and decision making which complement our technical skills as we interact with the personalities within the ergonomics of our work site.  Recognizing this construction of human behavioral knowledge is important for safe and efficient aviation activities whether we are “Flyn or Fixn”.

Mike Broderick

Rotordoc L.L.C.
"Do not walk through time without leaving worthy evidence of your passage”