IBAC Announces First IS-BAO Remote Piloted Aircraft System Registered Operator

IBAC Announces First IS-BAO Remotely Piloted Aircraft System Registered Operator

IBAC Announces First IS-BAO Remote Piloted Aircraft System Registered Operator

The International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) confirms its first International Standard for Business Aircraft Operators (IS-BAO) remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS) registration was achieved this month by Phoenix Air Unmanned.

The RPAS IS-BAO standard option advanced into the open beta-testing phase in 2021 after a thorough working group analysis that included industry representatives and IS-BAO Standards board members. This working group addressed the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) RPAS Concept of Operations (CONOPS) that is being drafted for inclusion into ICAO Annex 6. The group continues to gather information from beta operators, which may need to be incorporated. The RPAS component may be added by IS-BAO operators who have RPAS in their departments or by any stand-alone RPAS operators seeking IS-BAO registration.

Andrew Karas, IS-BAO program director, says, “The RPAS working group did an outstanding job, and we are grateful for their dedication to establishing safety best-practices for a rapidly evolving industry. We are excited to launch this standard for the RPAS community and congratulate Phoenix Air Unmanned for leading the way and implementing the voluntary IS-BAO safety standard throughout their organization.”

Based in Cartersville, GA, Phoenix Air Unmanned is the sister company to Phoenix Air Group, an internationally recognized firm that provides a range of air-ambulance transport, high-priority air cargo services, and government and military contracting services. Phoenix Air Group has been an IS-BAO registered operator for more than ten years and operates a fleet of 49 Gulfstream, Learjet and Embraer aircraft.

“We have an outstanding team here at Phoenix Air, and we are committed to implementing best practices in unmanned flight,” says William Lovett, managing director, Phoenix Air Unmanned, LLC. “We are proud of this IS-BAO achievement and are dedicated to raising the bar for safe and reliable UAS operations in complex environments.”