Leonardo Highlights Unique AW09 Connectivity Capabilities at Heli-Expo 2024

Leonardo Highlights Unique AW09 Connectivity Capabilities at Heli-Expo 2024

Leonardo Highlights Unique AW09 Connectivity Capabilities at Heli-Expo 2024

Leonardo brings a connectivity solution that simplifies customers’ operations and maintenance and offers enhanced support. A joint Leonardo Services and Kopter Engineering team has designed and developed the solution, focusing on customers’ needs and addressing challenges regarding weight, form factor, and performance requirements. In collaboration with Safran Helicopter Engines (SHE), the connectivity solution will allow customers to access aircraft and engine data seamlessly, in alignment with the digital native DNA of the AW09.

“The AW09 connectivity will significantly streamline our customers’ operations and allow them to benefit from Leonardo’s digital offerings. This integrated solution (covering the airframe, the avionics, and the engine) will be part of the baseline configuration,” says Michele Riccobono, CTO of Kopter. “We are delighted to bring such an innovation to this market segment, thanks to a shared vision and collaborative effort with our partners.”

“We are proud to partner with Leonardo on this new generation of helicopter, natively designed for data collection and exchange," says Mathieu Albert, executive VP of Support and Services at SHE. “It is part of Safran Helicopter Engines’ DNA to deliver digital services that allow operators to stay mission-focused by lowering their administrative and maintenance workload. Our deep, integrated partnership within the AW09 connectivity solutions will ensure that ARRIEL 2K engine customers will benefit from the best in innovative services and support.”

The AW09 will feature wireless capabilities to offload data in-flight and on-ground without a regular need for ground-support equipment, cables or memory cards. Leonardo has selected the GDL60 for ground connectivity, renewing its trust in Garmin and its products. The GDL60 features Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity and is integrated into the G3000HTM avionics. It enables the downloading of aircraft and engine data and the uploading of aeronautical databases. Upon landing, the AW09 will offload the aircraft and engine data (e.g., flight data, usage data, maintenance messages) wirelessly and automatically.

“We are delighted to work with Leonardo to simplify and reduce the complexities of aircraft management by automatically updating avionics databases, logging flight and engine data and more,” says Carl Wolf, Garmin vice president of Aviation Sales and Marketing. “Adding these capabilities to the AW09 will help provide confidence to operators that their aircraft is prepared for flight, improving both the pilot and maintenance experience.”

For real-time connectivity, customers can choose between a recommended system or connect to equipment of their choice. The Leonardo recommended solution is the Spider X by Spidertracks, a cost-effective and popular solution in the market segment of the AW09. The Spider X features real-time flight monitoring, post-flight 3D review, and flight safety insights. Furthermore, the AW09 will also transfer a selection of CAS (crew-alerting system) messages, thanks to an integration developed with Spidertracks and Garmin to enhance flight safety further.

"Spidertracks is proud to be selected by Leonardo, a leader in aircraft design and manufacture, as a preferred partner for delivering real-time aircraft position and situation services. We look forward to introducing AW09 customers to the Spidertracks solution and helping them unlock the operational and safety benefits of having key flight information available in real-time," says Aleks Banas, Spidertracks CEO.

For operators who desire to install a different in-flight datalink (e.g., for voice or data transmission over satellite), the AW09 features a baseline standard connector that will stream a selection of aircraft parameters that could be valuable to offload in-flight.

The AW09 data will be analyzed and accessible through several channels:

  • Leonardo’s Customer Portal: for Leonardo Helicopters’ Digital Services portfolio
  • Safran’s EngineLife® Customer Portal: for Safran Helicopter Engines Digital Services for Arriel 2K, including proven Health Monitoring Service (24/7)
  • Spidertracks portal: for real-time flight monitoring, post-flight 3D-review, and flight-safety insights.

For more information, visit leonardo.com.