NAASCO Announces Reseller Agreement with Whelen Aerospace Technology

NAASCO, the developers of the ETR-20™ and ETR-25™ Mercury Mod™ starter generator improvements for use on helicopter, turboprop and light jet aircraft, establishes a preferred reseller agreement with Sebastian, FL-based Whelen Aerospace Technology (WAT) in order to distribute their comprehensive aircraft lighting products both nationally and internationally.

“As a global leader in high-end lighting products for the aerospace industry, Whelen Aerospace Technologies was the perfect choice for NAASCO as we continue to expand our product distribution portfolio,” says Mike Leslie, NAASCO’s president and CEO. “From an engineering perspective this fits well with NAASCO’s core mission, which is lowering the operational cost of our clients while improving reliability," he adds. "The Whelen Aerospace products help us continue to do just that, and we are excited to introduce these solutions to our growing clientele base.”

“We’re excited to welcome NAASCO as the newest member of our reseller family,” says Whelen Aerospace Technology CEO, Tyler Wheeler. “NAASCO is a great addition to our network of distributors that represent our customers’ expectation of integrity, expert industry knowledge, and dedicated customer service," he continues. "WAT has long been known for performance you can trust, and NAASCO is a great addition to our reseller network that demonstrates our core values.”

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