Sikorsky Collaborates with Danish Consulting Company BridgeIT in Industrial Cooperation Agreement

Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company (NYSE: NYT), chooses to collaborate with BridgeIT on a five-year industrial cooperation project to develop and deliver software to Sikorsky field service representatives. BridgeIT will work together with Sikorsky to deliver a modern, mobile, digital workplace solution to employees to support Sikorsky commercial helicopter customers around the world.

The industrial cooperation agreement with Sikorsky is the result of a strategic decision within BridgeIT as part of a broader transformation focused on expanding BridgeIT’s role within consulting and the digital workplace-solution software-development market. Other global facility and logistics companies have cooperated with BridgeIT to deliver solutions to their employees and, therefore, contributed to this transformative development within BridgeIT.

“This agreement is a milestone for BridgeIT,” says BridgeIT chief technical officer, Jacob Gliemann Larsen. “Not only will we be developing software with Sikorsky, but at the same time it gives BridgeIT the possibility to establish itself in the U.S.”

“Our collaboration with BridgeIT is a success story of utilizing industrial cooperation to meet a targeted Sikorsky business need,” says Lockheed Martin Rotary & Mission Systems—Industrial Participation director, Linda Scott. “With this innovation, Sikorsky is able to better support its customers, and the collaboration to create that product has synergistic benefits for all involved.”

The industrial cooperation project was approved by the Danish Business Authority under the Guidelines for Industrial Co-Operation in Denmark.