One-of-a-Kind Program Helps Robinson Helicopter Owners Cover FAA Overhaul Requirement Costs

Go Engine Management Company (Gemco) announces the expansion of its popular line of piston-engine cost-stabilization products with the addition of a unique, new Helicopter Savings Overhaul Program.

Designed to assist owners and operators in meeting the FAA mandatory 2200-hour airframe and engine overhaul requirement which can exceed $250,000, the program provides many benefits including:

  • A fixed, monthly tax-deductible expense
  • Transferable between owners and helicraft
  • Access to reserve account equity
  • Avoidance of long-term loans and financing fees.

“We developed this program primarily to meet the needs of Robinson R22 and R44 helicopter owners,” says Dylan Grimm, president of Gemco. “In addition to the tax savings, our price structure accommodates for inflation and possible required upgrades at the time of overhaul, all while allowing the owner to build equity in their helicraft.”

The program works to ensure that owners/operators of piston-engine helicopters maintain an appropriate reserve account for their next helicopter overhaul with special monthly payments designed to address reaching the hourly or calendar limit.

Working with their tax professional, many Gemco customers find this program to be the most cost- and tax-efficient manner of saving for future ownership liabilities.

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