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Thursday, November 18, 2021 - 09:45
Bell Textron Inc., a Textron Inc. (NYSE:TXT) company, announces the sale of the first Bell 505 NXi in Slovakia to WELLPHARMA S.R.O., marking the second Bell 505 sale in the country in 2021. The customer will take delivery of the aircraft in summer 2022 at Bell’s Prague service center. The corporate-configured Bell 505 will be equipped with the latest Garmin G1000 NXi avionics and used for corporate and private transportation.

Helicopter Maintenance Blogs

Wednesday, November 3, 2021 - 16:59

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Reconfigurable Maintenance Trainer

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions provided a sneak preview of its latest maintenance training device for rotor aircrafts, code named the MBRAT, at its booth at I/ITSEC, the world’s largest modeling, simulation and training conference, which was held Nov. 29-Dec. 2 in Orlando. MBRAT stands for Maintenance Blended Reconfigurable Avionics Trainer and is scheduled for general availability in...

Helicopter Specialties

Helicopter Specialties announces the opening of its new 28,250-square-foot facility located at the Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport in Janesville, WI. Helicopter Specialties invites customers to visit the new facility. The company’s four manufacturing service centers and Certified FAA Repair Station cover 22 makes and models of helicopters. Services include: avionics, engines, components and...
Aeronautical Accessories Inc., an affiliate company of Bell Helicopter, has expanded its list of new 2010 products that have achieved certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The EASA certification of these products is an important element of the rotorcraft parts manufacturer and distributor’s strategic priorities. “Tying new product certification initiatives with global...

The Danger of Technology

Technology has changed a lot with computers and mobile phones since I first started working as an aircraft mechanic in the late 1980s. Here are a few examples: Computers Back then computers cost a lot of money. They were huge clunky desktop units with small CRT monitors. If you wanted to get on the internet, you used dial-up. The beeps and tones of the modem connecting was a familiar sound to...

Micro-Tig Torches

To help provide precision TIG welding performance on thin materials and limited-access joints, Weldcraft offers its WP-50 and WP-125 Micro-Tig torches. Both TIG torches feature lightweight, short torch bodies that allow pen-like control on even the most complex applications, including those in aircraft and aerospace industries, artistic metalworking and welding application using extremely thin...
Spectronics Corporation offers the Spectroline OPTIMAX 365 — a cordless, rechargeable, true UV LED flashlight ideal for identifying leaks in fuel, lubrication and hydraulic aviation systems. The OPTIMAX 365 features an ultra-high intensity UV LED, which makes leak detection dyes glow brightly. It is four times brighter than other high-intensity leak detection lamps and has an inspection range of...

Advanced Tool Control System

Snap-on Industrial offers its automated Level 5 ATC tool control system that advances tool management by ensuring both tool access and security. The blending of a tool storage box design with keyless entry, plus a powerful PC-based database and innovative digital imaging technology, has created a premium asset management product. Snap-on Level 5 ATC starts with Snap-on Industrial’s HID proximity...

Battery Capacity Tester

Concorde Battery offers the BC-5000 Capacity Tester (P/N 4163) - a portable, lightweight unit designed to provide the operator with an economical, easy and accurate means for capacity testing 12/24v aircraft batteries. • Fully automatic testing for 12v and 24v lead acid or Nickel Cadmium aircraft batteries • Powered by the battery being tested — no AC power required • Constant current load...

Maintenance Alert

In the August 2010 edition of FAA Advisory Circular AC 43-16A, Aviation Maintenance Alerts, the following information was published regarding an area on the fuel tank skin that could be prone to chafing in Schweizer 269C helicopters: Schweizer: 269C; Chafed Fuel Tank; ATA 2810 A technician states, “During a 200-hour inspection, wear marks were found on the bottom of the fuel tank. (These chafe...
World-class aviation and aerospace training joins world-class research, design and manufacturing in Wichita, KS, with the opening of the National Center for Aviation Training (NCAT). The 230,000-square-foot facility on Wichita’s Jabara Airport offers cutting-edge technology in customized training for companies, and traditional technical training for students. NCAT is a partnership between Wichita...