GPMS Announces John Byus as Director of Sales for the Americas

GPMS Announces John Byus as Director of Sales for the Americas

GPMS Announces John Byus as Director of Sales for the Americas

GPMS, provider of the health and usage monitoring system (HUMS) known as Foresight MX, announces that rotorcraft industry veteran, John Byus, has joined the company’s sales organization as the director of Sales–Americas. His responsibilities will include expanding the Foresight customer base throughout the Americas and working with fleet operators to develop specialized solutions to address the intricate needs of their programs.

Byus brings more than 40 years of rotorcraft and aviation experience to GPMS. His career spans nearly every market segment, with positions ranging from mechanic, pilot, inspector and instructor to several director of maintenance roles to, most recently, a 15-year stint as sales/key account manager with Airbus Helicopters.

Byus adds a unique perspective to the sales organization that Todd Powers, GPMS VP of Sales, says will help customers in the Americas with larger, complex fleets and operations realize the benefits of Foresight. “John is very well-known throughout the rotorcraft industry, especially with the larger operators and programs,” says Powers. “He has the perfect blend of experience, understanding and insight to show our customers how advanced our Foresight system is, how easy it will integrate into their operations, and most importantly, how it will make their programs more efficient, sustainable and cost-effective.”

“I am really excited to join GPMS,” says Byus. “I am super-impressed by the team, the direction of the company, and how they have developed an advanced HUMS that is so user-friendly. Foresight will change how the industry sees and utilizes HUMS.”  

Additionally, Byus mentions he was attracted to GPMS because of its potential to make a difference and establish HUMS as an essential tool for aviation maintenance. “I’ve been in the industry long enough to see the early adoption of HUMS and the progress made since then,” he says.

Byus reveals that while the industry has made great strides, what GPMS has created with Foresight is something quite special. “It blew me away when I first saw it,” he says. “It’s more than 50% lighter, less expensive, benefits from 20 years of technological advancement, and provides a touchless experience. This means that the same operators who have required HUMS on their medium-to-large aircraft now have a real option with Foresight, especially for their lighter, typically single-engine aircraft.”      

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