New RPM Governor for Enstrom Piston Helicopters

Enstrom Helicopter Corporation reveals the development of a new RPM governor for Enstrom piston helicopters. Designed to aid pilots in maintaining rotor RPM, the new governor uses a digital controller and fast-acting servo motor to accurately control RPM.

According to Bill Taylor, Enstrom’s VP of Engineering, “The pilot can set the RPM anywhere in the green, and then beep it up and down within the allowable range, just like on a turbine helicopter. During autorotation training, it will automatically maintain the RPM just below the green. During the power recovery, it will quickly and reliably increase engine RPM and marry the needles, meaning the student and the instructor won’t ‘forget to roll the throttle back on,' and the engine won’t overspeed during recovery.”

Enstrom’s incoming CEO, Todd Tetzlaff, says safety and convenience are what drove the design of the new governor. “Enstroms are known to be some of the safest and easiest-flying helicopters in their class, and the existing correlator system is a big part of that. This new digital governor takes it to a whole new level.”

The governor system will be available on new model 280FX and F28F helicopters and available as a retrofit to any 28-volt 280FX and F28F helicopters in the field.